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MattRamone v. None More Black is a well known feud in Summit lore whose roots began back on the Punknews when MattRamone made some barbs about "hardcore band" Madball. Paul, a member of popular punk band None More Black, took offense to MattRamone's posts and took it upon himself to hurl insults. Unphased, MattRamone continued in his classic fashion to take jesterly barbs about the band, resulting in butthurtness and more insults from Paul.

Notice "Fat Faggot" in brown shirt.

Rad Fest 2010Edit

Fast forward to Rad Fest 2010. MattRamone and None More Black's paths finally cross. Intent to bury the hatchet in the form of beers and hugs, MattRamone approaches None More Black and things begin to get heated. Angry words are hurled and a legendary photograph is taken by Summit member Kneel.

Basically MattRammone showed, in typical big mouth/cowardly form, how to "Back Pedal" & justify all his actions with "Well, I'm an asshole" which basically means, "I'm a pussy"

Actions, Not Words Mr. Rammone.


MattRamone became fatter than ever and then his slutty girlfriend dumped him. Must suck to be him.

Recreations and TributesEdit

There have been several variants and tributes of the photo stemming from this incident. The first was several Summit members sporting avatars signifying the event. The photograph has also been subject to several Photoshop spoofs and tributes, many of them alluding to the fact that None More Black are very short and that J-Shev is almost elfin-like. Another example of a tribute is a recration of the photo taken by several members, even featuring MattRamone himself, at Insubordination Fest 2010


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